Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Colorful Houses of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

This is a pic I took of a picture showing the things which were the style way back when the fishermen would go out to sea.  Note the window, or alcove above the doorway on the top row.  They called it a "Bump".

It was built for the wife to look out to watch for her husband to come in from the sea.  It is located on most of the houses here.  Some say that it might have been used to watch for her husband's arrival, because she have some other person with her.  That would have been not too nice.

The first mention of a settlement in what would later become the town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia was in the early 1600s.    . After recurring hostilities between the French and English, Nova Scotia’s governor, Edward Cornwallis, ordered the village of wooden houses destroyed. In its place, a British fortress was erected to guard the harbour. However, the British recognized the area’s value as a settlement:

After it burned, it became a Fishing village with a bountiful harvest of fish.  They built the houses back and painted them in bright colors so the village could be seen easily from afar from the ocean.

This house is not too bright, but just look at the front door and all the intricate filigree work around the windows and roof.  Just beautiful.

See the bump above the doorway?
Sometimes the camera did not do justice with the bright colors and also it was a cloudy day today.

Aren't these pretty?

This one painted the front and did not paint the side.

I will not comment on all the pictures and you might get tired of looking at so many pictures, but I just could not keep myself from snapping the camera, they were all so pretty and different.

You might not be able to see the purple intricate work on this house, but I know it is there.

Mural on the side of this one.

This tree was loaded with apples.

We were told that quite a few movie stars hang out here occasonally.  Tom Selleck had been there the week before.

This village is also known for building sail boats.  It built the Blue Nose and the Blue Nose II which have won many races.

So, here we decide to take a buggy ride around the town with a guide.

To honor ships who have sank here in the Lunenburg waters.

So pretty, look a the door.

Doors are same color as the trim.

One of the prettier ones.

  1. This one was called "Pink Icing"

The school.

You may think this weird, but I also like to go to graveyards.  By reading the dates of birth and date of death, can tell you a lot about the village it's self.  Sometimes a disease might have struck the community and a lot of children and older people were lost around the same dates, etc.

This one has a very red door and a stained glass window.


This is Duke.  He knew every step to make, every turn and stopped half way at his water barrel to get himself a drink of water.  We commented on it to our guide and she said if he could talk, they would not need her.

Dule, get your head out of the hay barrel.

Pat and Duke.

Me and Duke.

The infamous Blue Nose II

This is a wood carving of the Lords Last Supper It was soooo beautiful.

Part of a stained glass window in this beautiful church.

The beautiful village of Lunenburg, NS, I shall never forget you.