Saturday, October 12, 2013

A quilting tutorial for a very simple quilt especially for Sheila, hope this helps you in more ways than one.

This is a very simple tutorial for beginner quilters.  We are using 5" squares which have been measured and cut from fabric, old cotton clothes, shirts, skirts, etc.  These squares may be sewed randomly or placed around to make a pattern using lights and darks as shown.  You can cut these better if you use a cutting mat, ruler and a rotary cutter, it cuts faster, better and more evenly.  First, if you are using old clothes, shirts, etc. the first thing you do is cut the seams out or off.  Press and begin to cut your squares.  To make a nice lap quilt, you will need 100 of these squares.  If you plan a patterned one as in this tutorial, you will need 50 light and 50 darks.  If you choose to do them randomly,  all you need do is be sure the same kind does not touch each other, very simple.  ONE THING TO ALWAYS REMEMBER WHEN QUILTING, ALL SEAMS ARE 1/4" UNLESS STATED OTHERWISE.
For the patterned one, lay them out like the one above.  For the first row, the first one will be a dark and the next a light, alternating each time, lay across until you have 10 of the blocks across on the first row.  Sew the sides of row 1 together across; when you have this row sewn together, press the all these seams to the right.

Starting on the next row, row 2, begin with a light, then dark alternating again across.  Sew these sides together, then press these seams to the left.  Alternate the pressing of the rows right then next row left.  This makes your seams lay flat and snuggle up to each other when you sew the rows together later.  Continue to do each row until you have 10 rows across and 10 down
Go ahead and complete this and I will add to this tutorial as time permits.