Friday, August 31, 2012

A few of My Quilts

Black, White and red on the back.  Pattern is Nauvou.

An artsey T-shirt I made for a very deserving young man in Atlanta, Zack.
 "Pioneer Trails" a pattern by Eleanor Burns.  While I made this quilt, I thought about all our travels out west, and we do love to travel.

Pattern is called "Carpenters Star". Our granddaughter comes and starts going through my stash and said " I want a king-size quilt made from these fabrics for my birthday, (maybe a month away), My reply was, well maybe.  If you are a grandmother, you know that I did it.

This quilt is made from the 10 minute block pattern.  Such an easy fast block, made this top in a Sunday afternoon.   There is a tutorial on my blog in an earlier post , if you are interested in viewing it.  You can make the blocks any size, cute as a baby quilt.  Have fun with it.

I made this Christmas quilt a few years ago.  It is a Bonnie Hunter Pattern.  I named it "An Alabama Christmas".  Such tiny pieces..  Was displayed in the "Christmas quilts Show"  in the Mississippi Forrestry and Agriculture Museum.
A quick easy quilt, "Scrappy Trails to you"  Note that I used demure colors and pastels on two corners and loud, bright colors on a diagonal corner to corner,  All scrappy and experimental.  Pattern is kinda' like half a log cabin. Very easy.
You really should try this one.

 I have made a few quilts using this pattern called "Warmest Wishes", a strip pieced quilt, simple, yet pretty.  If you would like the pattern, leave me a comment and I will try to get it to you.  This quilt has fussy cut cherubs in the focus square.  Our daughter;s house is decorated in cherubs; therefore, she has the quilt.

Called This one, "My Purple Onion" used a pattern called Red Onion.  It is one of my favorites, made totally from  Batik Fabrics.
 I made this quilt while Pop, (my husband) and I were going back and forth to B'ham to carry our daughter twice per week for cancer experimental treatments.  Carried it with me to do finger work while she did the treatments.  It is made from Batiks fabrics also. While working on it there, I noticed that the design on one of the fabrics Look like pictures I have seen of a sperm swimming.  I told one of the research nurses this.  She looked at it and said "Look at this one, it looks like an ovary".  We laughed about it.  One of the persons taking treatments happened to be a female doctor.  She gets up comes over and wants to see what we are laughing about, we pointed it out to her and she says "Look at this one, it looks like a falopian tube.", we really got a laugh from that.  Thus, we named this quilt "Circles of Life".  What beautiful people we have met during this journey with our daughter searching for a cure.

This is my "Delta Star Mystery Quilt"  I was VP at the Possum Town Quilt Guild in Columbus, MS and in charge of programs. I asked the girls if they wanted to do anything special, Brenda Crownover suggest to me that a Mystery Quilt would be nice. I taught this as a Mystery quilt over a period of 9 months.  Taken from a Pat Speth Nichol Quilt.  No one knew what it would look like until the last month or two. It was lots of fun.  Everyone's quilt turned out beautiful.  Little larger than a Queen size.

Taught a Stack N Whack in Columbus at the Rosenwig Art Center a few years ago and this is the one I made.
 Taught this class also, called Stack a Posie Pattern.  This was my teaching example.  I named it "Free Spirit"  Hung in the Pigeon Forge quilt show.

My sister-in-Law, Pat, taught me this Bargello pattern. THANK YOU PAT!.  It really is a fun one to make.  This one just happens to be a wall hanging. Hung in a Pigeon Forge, TN quilt show.

 This is a baby quilt using the Stack a Posie pattern and putting a two border edging on two sides of each block and setting on point.  Made when I was quilting free hand on my Juki sewing machine.  I did enjoy the free hand, but I sure do like my Tin Lizzie 18 and Shirley stitcher II.  Above this pic is a pic of the quilted backing..  This has already been spoken for by grand daughter for one of my great grands that is still just a thought or a butterfly.

"Boyd Bears and Honey" quilt made for one of our sweet little great nephews, Conner James Utter.A Few of

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Apron Quilt

This guy calls me to see if I would be interested in making a quilt for him out of aprons collected over the years from a county fair.  I questioned him more about it and who the receiver was to be, etc.  Found out that it was for a dear friend of his and his wife, a mentally challenged lady.  So, of course I said I would do it.  She was so happy about getting it, He sent me this picture of her and the quilt.  It turned out really pretty, and I enjoyed making it, always love a challenge.

Friday, August 24, 2012


I LOVE THIS QUILT. Colors, Pattern and everything about it.
 My phone rang one day, I answer, voice says, this is -----------, in France.  My reply was "WHAT?"  I knew no one in France.  She says," I understand you do quilting and I would like to get you to quilt a quilt for me".  Again, my reply was "WHAT?"  I then began to realize that it was a legit call.
 Long story short, she is an American living in France and it was to be a wedding gift for her son and needed it completed in a short turnaround time.  She brought it over and I fell in love with this quilt top as soon as I saw it.  It is such a soothing quilt.  It seems to breathe of comfort, love, warmth, and serenity.
 Also like the name she selected for this quilt.......          "Love Covers a Multitude of Seams" 
 I was also privileged to carry it to our Show and Tell at our Possum Quilters Guild meeting.  Everyone liked it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Marilyn Dohenny Art Quilts

Marilyn Dohenny quilts.  This lady is soooo talented.


 I attended a 2 day class in Starkville, Ms. with quilt artist Marilyn Dohenny. Enjoyed every minute of it and wanted to share a few of the pics of her work.  I do have a work in progress using this technique; but, will be a while before it is finished.  Possibly will post a few pics of ts as I make it, so stay tuned...................

It is a fast pace class and not a boring moment.

 Taken at her 2 day class.  Wish it would have lasted all week.

Another little critter she made.

You can tell that this quilt is laying in the floor by seeing the feet.  These quilts were simply breath taking.  Did not realize my own foot was in the picture.

Note the ladybug on the leaf. 

This is the Starkville, Ms. class I attended.  A great group of ladies.  Marilyn Dohenny is in the front row in the center and I am on the back row in the center.  We look like we have on ponchos but it is the strada we made.

Yea!!! I made this one!  it turned out to be a sparrow to go in my garden.  He is so beautiful. This class taught me so much.

This pic shows how Marilyn Dohenny's class shows you how to arrange and re-arrange all the different ways you may sew your art together.

This one looks like the tail of a turkey.