Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alabama V Texas A & M game in the box

Headed to the Ballgame.  Tail gaiting along Bryant Drive are people from everywhere.

Quite a way to walk from the parking lot and we are in one of the closest.

Somebody is going the wrong way! Denny stadium is behind you!

Getting closer.....

Yea!!! Here we are, let us in.....

Crowd is getting thicker.

Our precious daughter came to the game too.  A great time for all....

Before the game warm up.

Alabama Million Dollar Band on the field before kick off.

Waiting for the Crimson Tide to come out.

Big Al getting impatient.

Flag runners and Big Al still waiting.

Big Al says pick up the flags, I think it is time.

He was right, here they come, Roll Tide.

This is a really nice shot of Sabin leading the Big Red Tide.

Coach Sabin still in head of the team.

Sabin turns to cheer his team in.....

A few of the boys.

Big Al, our much loved Mascot.

Our beautiful daughter at the game.

Our beautiful daughter resting at the game.  Her friend Connie is with her.  Of course, mom is behind the camera.

Beautiful pic of Connie.

In come the girls!!!!

Grand daughter Laura and her BFF Bethany Huff.

Yep, quadruple trouble...

Handsome son and beautiful wife Melinda.

They are such a sweet couple.

Pop talking to Eddie and Melinda.

Richard, our grandson, talking to a friend.

Amber, our grand daughter from Atlanta, Watching the game.

Lita resting, me watching the game on TV and Tommy watching it too.