Saturday, October 12, 2013

Maine is so very pretty, the rest of the story....

Some beautiful scenes  around Bar Harbor Maine.
Most of these are going to be pictures and self explanatory.

Just another pretty picture.

One of the first things I saw here was this beautiful horse and carriage.

Kennebunk Harbor.  There were so many huge and gorgeous homes there.  Not sure if this is a home but I think it was.  No signs showing it to be anything other than a home.

All the houses have either two or more stories to them.  I was wondering what they do as they get older, about climbing the stairs I mean.  Of course if you own these houses, you could have a lift installed in it, because clearly, money would be no object.

Spots of color here and there but not in full color yet.

You likely know by now that I love pictures of mailboxes. Don't ask me why, I do not know.  They just stand there so stately announcing that someone lives here and I know them well.  They just look pretty and interesting to me I guess.

This is Kennebunk Beach. Mandy, which is our boss, and myself. 
This beach is not white, it is a greyish tan color and is so dirty.  I took off my shoes to walk on it, but was afraid I would stick glass or something in my foot, although I did not.
This sand looks white in the pic but it is not.  This is Pop and Mandy on the beach.  Note the sea weed and stuff that washed in.

Not saying Alabama has everything better, but Alabama, Florida and Mississippi has the most beautiful, white, pristine beaches I have seen in all our travels.  Others are not white, nor are they clean.  Note the houses to your right.  So very pretty, but I would be afraid being that close to the water, the tide would carry the house out with it.  Someone walked up to us and offered to take our picture on this one.  Really nice people here.  Can't say that about Mid-Canada people.
A little wave rolling in.
Miss Mandy left her footie prints in the sand of Kennebunk Harbor.
A pretty scene.
Looking out the windshield of the Motorhome.
My beautiful sister in law, Pat standing in front of this diner.  The diner was featured on "Diners, Dumps, and Dives" on the food network show.  Needless to say, we ate here.
Of course, I had to get in the pic too.  This diner had the very best food of anywhere we ate here.  All is prepared fresh and it was outstanding food.  So glad she had heard about it.
Moving on down the road, now we are at Bar Harbor Maine.

We thought about going whale watching, but did not want to ride out 20 miles into the ocean today.
This was a windy and blustery day.

This picture would make the most beautiful wall quilt, wouldn't it?  Will be making me a pattern as soon as I get home.
Look at these wealthy homes on the other side of the water.  Guess It would be the owners of the homes that would be wealthy.  And like I said, all two stories or more.
Look at the little islands behind us.
My handsome brother and his beautiful wife.
Caught in the act.
Color, color, color in Maine, but not in full color yet.

On our way to Seal Harbor.
Waiting on the lobster boat to come in.

This truck is backed up on the pier at Seal Harbor also waiting for the lobster boat to arrive.  It is from Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound
Lobster boat finally arrived with the catch of the day.  Don't know how many crates are on this boat, but sure is a lot of them.
You can see the lobsters inside this crate.  The Captain told Richard there were about 90 pounds of lobster in each crate. Lots of crates were there, so many, could not count them.
This shows the way they are loaded onto the truck.
Truck is loaded and ready to delivery to the restaurant's to be served.   Well, that was quite the experience, only have seen it on TV, but was there right in the middle of it this time.  Well I guess it is time to leave Maine and go on up across the border into Canada and see what kind of new and exciting things we can see there.  Got to get past the border inspections first.