Sunday, November 9, 2014

A TRIBUTE TO MY FRIEND ANN PATRICK "Gone but not forgotten"

Ann was my friend and if she was your friend, she was a friend until the end.  She was just that way.

A few friends and neighbors at Cross City, Fl

Just sitting around on the porch with a few neighbors.

Taking it easy.

Red bird couple in our bird bath.

This is Linda, a friend and neighbor in CC, FL
On the right is Cecil, Ann's husband and their baby "Bear"
That is Jack, Linda's husband in the back and of course Pop is driving.

A few creatures in the Suwannee River boat ride.

Ann was a person who loved life so much.  Worked hard all of that life.

She loved her God and her family.

Sweet ladies, Linda and Jane.

She worked hard all of her life helping Cecil to provide for their children, Vicky and Steve.

Me and my friend.

Out on the Suwannee on the boat.  Had a lot of fun on the boat.

Cecil agravating Ann, but I do believe she liked it.

Great picture.

What a good picture of the three of them.

Jack and Linda, always enjoy their company.

Pop and I enjoy going on the boat with friends.  Of course Mandy enjoys it too.

Ann taking a short siesta.

No, she is not upside down, camera is at her head while she is laying down.

Jane enjoying
 the ride.

Ann loved their little place in Cross City.  A great get away for the two of them.

Ann and Jane enjoying another ride.

Just a little on the bayou.

A little jig on the river.

Packed our lunch and just ate in the boat.  Melvin and Josie had joined up with us on this trip.


Ann, with her Nichole Kidman look.

Bear gets upset about something.

Mandy runs over to check on Bear,

Unbelievable lays down for another nap!!!!!!

Careful Melvin...........

Look at these toes.

Gunnels feet?

Of course, Ann says, these are gunnels toes.