Sunday, October 20, 2013

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada

Welcome to Peggy's Cove.  We stayed here 2 or 3 nights while we checked out the area.
This is the very nice campground we stayed while we did Cabots Trail.  There were views of the river from each spot you were on because it was dug out and tiered that way.  We are preparing to leave today headed for Peggy's Cove area.

Some of these pics were taken on the way along the road.

Beautiful scenery along the way.

Nova Scotia in full color...........

I spoted a little red barn on the side of the road.

Another barn.

I made several pictures of church houses on this trip as I always do.  Love church houses.  They all look so different, yet so very pretty, some are ornate.

You are gonna see several pics of this working Light House on Peggy's Cove too.  It was so pretty.

The church on Peggy's Cove.

This plaque tells about the church.

Soooo beautiful!

Mandy posing for a pic with Pop.

A lady made this pic of all of us.  Like the way she tilted it.

She still has the camera.
We all should read the warning signs when traveling around.

Looking out to the sea.
Another looking out to the sea.  Did not know I got his pic.

Love this lighthouse.
Believe it or not, there were seals playing in the water here.  I just  was not fast enough with the camera to get them.

I barely got them here.  You can just see some noses above the water.

Almost forgot to tell you why this is called Peggy's Cove.  Peggy is a nick name for Margaret. When She was a very young girl she was on a big sailing ship which wrecked on the rocks on this cove.  She was the only survivor of that wreck and this cove was named after her, therefore, Peggy's Cove.    
Even rocks are pretty here.

Believe this or not, this is an oyster shell, or at least one half of one.  It was caught in New Brunwicks, CA
A view on the side of the road.

This is the place we had Dinner before going to our campground.
This is a fresh seafood place so, this is what Pat had, mussels.

This is what I had, Lobster, now, guess what the guys had, a cheeseburger. Yuk..... at a seafood place.

We had driven down Prospect road, leading to the ocean.  We saw the police - sheriff's car parked with the blue lights on and divers were diving in the water searching for something, even had a drag line there.  We wondered what was happening in this quaint little fishing town.
Well, next day I googled it and found out that a very young teenager disappeared a few years ago and they had suspiscioned a known sex offender, who lived in the area, of doing something with her and could not prove anything.  He has since disappeared and they started working on cold cases which they had gotten more evidence turn up on the girl's case.  I hope they can solve this cold case and get the person responsible for her disappearance and lock him up hang him high.

Almost forgot, I saw a bald eagle on this outing.  I was very lucky to have spotted him.