Sunday, September 30, 2012

Moutain PieceMakers Quilt Guild, Burnsville, NC.

This is a quilt made by 3 of the girls in the Mountain Piece Makers Guild in Burnsville, NC Holding the quilt is Pat and Barbara

The pattern is called Broken Star Log Cabin.

 These are the beautiful ladies who made this charity quilt. Left to right, Grace, Barbara and Fran.  They made it for Hospice to raffle off in a fund raiser. Hooray for you girls with a big heart.  It is a awesome quilt.

One of their loved ones in the guild has just been put on hospice.  They wanted to make her a signature quilt but a time element was involved with getting it completed for her to enjoy it.

 Fran, holding the quilt on the left, just happened to have this quilt in her stash, along with lots and lots of other stuff (fabric)  She donated this one and it had the perfect blocks for the members to sign in the blocks.  So pretty, So nice.

Asta, working on her quilt.

Sherry, a member with her project.

Sherry, (another one) signing the quilt for the hospice patient.

Linda holding a strip of her fabric  which goes in her quilt.

Kay, holding a charity quilt she made for the Linus Project.

Grace and her quilt she made.  She told me the Fairies made the paper piece tulip blocks she has in this one as the focus block.  Wish I had a fairy.  So pretty.  She was teaching the class we took today.  Awesome job!  Enjoyed it so much Grace!

 Barbara working on her project, think she was doing a little bit of un sewing at this point, but still wearing a beautiful smile..

 Fran, a lovely lady with a big heart.  She and her sister made and donated 100 quilts to the Linus Project in one year.  Way to go girls!!  Fran is one of the sweetest and loveliest ladies you could ever meet. She also donated the fabric that was in the Broken Start Log Cabin quilt for Hospice. What a Gal!   Cancer cannot hold this lady down.  Love her.

Holding this quilt is Barbara and Linda.  Isn't is beautiful?

 I met this sweet lady, Shirley,  in Trenton, FL.  She was working at  the Suwanne Valley Quilt Shop.  My sister in law,  Pat, and I were shopping and made friends with her there, found out she and hubbie had bought a house here in Burnsville, NC.  Naturally Pat told her about their guild here.  It was sooo good to see her again.

This is Grace, a winner of Blue Ribbons from all over and I just bet this one she is holding will win something; It is gorgeous. A full view below.
Cora brought her knitting to the sewing bee.  She is making her son a warm tobogin from alpaco or cashmere or something like that.  Sorry, I forgot.  Sweet, sweet lady.

Two more members who stopped by to sign the quilt.  Did not get their name.
This is a quilt made by Grace also. My sister in law, Pat, and Tyrone, brother, always go south for an extended stay during winter months.  Grace lives across the road from the mailboxes and Pat gets Grace to pick up their mail. Pat gives Grace a jelly roll or two for her trouble and guess what?  This is what Grace made from them and now Pat wants her gift back.  Don't blame her, do you?  Isn't it beautiful?
 Judy working on her project.  She is of Cherokee descent and was properly trained from childhood to live off the land if necessary; even can make her own clothes and shoes from hides. Judy is also a great quilter.  So talented.


Pat's project laid out on the floor. Going to be so pretty!.
I cannot believe that I forgot to get a pic of Pat or myself sitting working on our projects.
This was a very happy time. Although I did miss my Possum Town quilters ladies.  They also met today to put together a "Freedom From Cancer" quilt for the Relay for Life for Lowndes County, Ms.  I will do my part by quilting it for us at no fees.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Our little Sabatical.

 We left home for a few days and came to my brother Tyrone and Pat's in Burnsville, NC  Took these pic's this morning 9/24/12 from the front deck.  This happens most every morning.

 You wake up and you are above the clouds, so thick it looks like you could walk across them.

This morning when the sun began to rise it looked kinda like fire on the clouds, this pic doesn't do it justice.

 Looks a little like heaven being above the clouds. 

 Her new waterfall in her flower garden.  Just beautiful!

 So Beautiful!  Pat and I will also be doing some quilting this week.  We have a class tomorrow.  YEEAAA!
Another awesome morning.  This was everyday we were there.  Believe or not, there is a town below those clouds somewhere.

These are a few of their turkey friends that grace the garden and yards everyday.

One of the deer friends joined in the turkey fun.

They eat some of her flowers in her garden, but they do not care, just love to see them making themselves at home.  The deer love to eat the Hosta's,  I love to see them too. Especially the fawns.

Early one morning, as you can see, they do not fear us or her 4 yorkies running around.  Everyone is so familiar with each other on this mountain.

This also happens everyday some times, they just make a bed and stay for a while, other times, just passing through.

These pictures are taken in the front side yard.  Occasionally she will shoo the turkeys away, but not very often.  Had a bear coming around a few days back.  His pic is on my FB page, if you would like to see him.

Gobble, Gobble!!!!!