Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Bay of Fundy, in New Brunswick,Canada, the highest tides in the world, as high as 52 feet. What a time we had.

As I said, this is The Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick, Canada near Moncton, which is where we stayed.  This bay is the only place in the world where the tide rises and falls anywhere from 30 to 52 feet each day and while the tide is out, you can walk on the bottom of the ocean. Which is what the little people are doing in this picture.

They call these rocks "Flower Pot".  I am thinking they are called that because that is what they look like with the trees and stuff growing from the top of them.  These are rock formations which stand gracefully on the bottom of the ocean floor whether it is covered in water or dry. The water leaves them and the plant life each day, but; they have no fear for they know the water shall return to them before the sun sets.

These Flower Pots stand very tall as you can compare them with the people walking around below them.  Pat and I began to see the rock formations begin to take shape. Look in front of the person walking around in this pic.  See the bear directly behind her or him?  Can you use your imagination and pick out some things in these rocks?  If you can, please make comments at the end of this post and let us know what you can see..

You can see the bear really well in this pic.  Note how far out the shoreline is. 

Well I can see the bear again, what about you.  you can also see the green seaweed growing on the rocks and just below the green is a blackish dark green, which is another living grass.  The roots grow to the rock and the plant floats, hiding fish and feeding them also, I feel sure. Up close it looks like the rocks are wearing grass skirts.
Some of these trees and rocks are hanging on for dear life, because erosion is occurring and occasionally a rock loses large pieces and also trees that are growing on them.  Kinda' like us as we grow older I guess, we begin to lose some of our stuff.  Sad :((

Pat standing between the rocks.

View from the other side, oh, I am seeing the bear again.
These shoes are standing on the ocean floor, feels sort of like when God and Moses parted the water for his people to pass through, except we only had water on one side and knew what time the water would come back in.

Think I will call this one the Kissing Rocks.  I see more people under and around it. 

Someone has built them a little Who Doo garden here while the water is out.  Kinda cute.  Look how they balanced the rocks.

Tyrone and Pat are headed for the Kissing Rock.  Wonder what they are up to.

There they are waving at us.  Bet they kissed before they waved......:))

A dogs face, must be a poodle.
Pat said this was a dinosaurs head.

Pop walking from the other end of the rocks.  The tree above him is stilling hanging on.

This is a mummy's head facing your left.  You can see his mouth, lips, nose even though his head is wrapped in mummy cloth.
The dark grass skirt again on the rocks.

For the most part, the ocean floor was dry, just a few places were a little muddy.

The head of a monkey facing your left, do you see it?

I am 5'2" just to judge how far up this weed is growing up on this rock.

That is a pretty fair sized tree lodged up there that has eroded off the rock.


Another one about to go.  Sure do hate that.
A Canadian black bird walking around.

One more view before we leave.  We will go have lunch and come back by here just to see if the tide has come back.  It is supposed to back in around 2: something.

Describing the Covered bridge below.
They are so very pretty aren't they.  Looks like another wall hanging quilt to me.  Guess I better start on another pattern.

This looks like the only moose we are going to see, so I went ahead and made his picture.

I want you to notice something in this picture.  Remember the tide is still out, this boat is literally  on the ground as was all of them that was docked at this pier.  We ate lunch at this place by the pier and as we sat and talked, we saw out the window the tide started to come back in and we had to hurry because we wanted pics of the boats on the dry land.

By the time we finished and got out there, these boats had a little water around them.  That is how fast the tide comes in.

As you can see this one is about to be floating in water too.
This was just kinda' funny.  It was laying on the pier when we walked out to watch.  Written on a piece of wood.

You can see the tide rolling in here,

Light house in a little town called Almay.

Love lighthouses, mailboxes and lots of other things, including Ice Cream.

Pat is getting her a pic too.

We had a very pleasant surprise on our way back to the flower Pots and rising tide.  While riding down the road, someone said what is that, a bird, no, what is it?  It was a Pheasant all beautiful and in full color.  What a surprise!

Well I have to tell you about this tree on the side of the road.  It was growing something that looked a lot like tennis shoes.  Actually it WAS full of tennis shoes.  Never saw anything like it before.  We got a good laugh out of this tree.  We did wonder who did it.  Was it a celebration?  Maybe a senior class?  Football team?  High school reunion?  What would be your guess?
This is the sign you see overhead as you walk down the stairs to the ocean floor.  It is certainly self explanatory.  If you are not out, you may be carried out by the tide.
The same places I made with the little people walking on the bottom.

It is already up to the teddy bears behind.

It is not fully in yet and just look how deep it is.

Steps leading to the ocean floor covered in water..

Little brother, you had better come back up here before you get wet!  And about that time he got splashed by a wave.  What a fun time, and learning experience we have had.