Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pigeon Forge and Gattlingburg, TN, A FUN PLACE TO BE IN THE FALL We ended our trip up the East Coast with a couple of weeks at Smokey Mountain National Park, Pigeon Forge and Gattlinburg TN

On our way to the end of our trip,to Pigeon Forge and Gattlinburg, TN

These next few pics are of The Island in Pigeon Forge.  Something new for teens and the kids, of all ages.

         Comfortable rocking chairs to rest ourselves from shopping, eating, etc.
Carousel at the Island.
Ferris Wheel at the island, it is huge.

    The  ride is an enclosed compartment.

On our way to Roaring Fork Drive.  My favorite drive in the fall, soo much color and see quite a few bears on this drive.

After all, isn't that one of the reasons we come the The Great Smokey Mountain National Park, to see bears, among others things.

The following pictures were made on the Roaring Fork Drive.
I will not be talking on every picture and give you a chance to breathe in the scenery.

This is when we first got there, not a lot of color.  It can change over night, the next pic proves that.

Not full color yet, but it looks as though God has started his paint job, here and there.

Pop and Mandy out going for a walk about.

Looking for a place for the next time we come.

Feeding the ducks.
Mandy decided to come help feed them.  She is such a good girl, never chases the ducks.

Do you see the bear in the tree?  Took a few pics of him.

Beautiful Colors!

I am telling you now, Halloween is a great time to be in Gattlinburg, even the waiters and waitress dress up for the occasion..  Ou waiter was dressed as Tebow.  This is the Forrest Gump Shrimp Place, good food.
This Pat and her date for the night, just had to get her picture.

Look who we ran into at Gumps Shrimp place, sweet folks from Vernon.  Jimmy and Janice Hester, love those two.

On the street, the person handing out the treats is the store owner or worker.

We will walkaround for a while and take pictures of some of these folks walking.  You will see whole families dressed in their costumes, also babies and dogs have on costumes.  Old and young alike.


Girl from the Excorcist.  (spellig, ugh!)

More Ghools to come later.
Meanwhile back in the country!

Now, back to the Goonies.

          That Witch has a cell phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Whoa!!!!!!!Pirates of the Caribean.....................

                 I do not think they are here to save anyone, do you?

                  One guy is carrying Mickey Mouse. guess he is afraid.

Yikes, it is Beetle Juice again.


                                           The Devil himself...................


               The Three Witches from Eastwich.

        Look at this, I just knew there would be one of the Robertson's here from Duck Dynasty.


     Another Pirates from the Caribean and he even looks like him, forgot his name.
    This was a really good costume.  It sure fooled me and scared the daylights out of me.  It is alive!

   Yep, all ages...................

    And who do we find here, Santa and the Mrs. and 2 reindeers.  I believe that one of them is Rudolph.

   ZOMBIES....................RUN  They looked pretty real.

        Do you really believe she is a fairy?  I do not believe her little pink wings could lift her,

Now on to the Cades Cove Drive.

    Pat taking a peek inside.

      The old canterlevered barn along the drive.

  Now this is a beautiful picture.  Look at all the shadows.

     Without the fence.

Sooooo pretty!

    Another bear, waiting for people to get out of her way.  She wanted to cross the road and stupid people were lined up on the road and would not get out of her path and she had her cub with her.

  You can see her and her cub waiting ad trhying to be good.  Thank God a ranger came up and I told him she wanted to cross the road and the people would not move for her.  He immediately went over and told them to get away and let her get across the road.
       I zoomed in a little closer and caught her eyes looking straight at me as if to say "thank you"  Her teenager is behind her.

   She is sooo beautiful and seemed to know what the ranger was doing, because just as soon as he got the people out of the way.
  Looking at me and the Ranger talking.

  As soon as the Ranger moved the people, look what happened,  She comes out to go across the road.

      This is mom.....
     This is Rangers feet and Baby coming across the road.

     Now we are going up Ridge Mountain inside the Park.  About half way up, pull off and you can see the Methodist church down in the valley.  Somehow I got a really good picture of this veiw, with the help of the good Lord of course.  I think this would make a very nice art quilt.

    That is the Cades Cove Road way, way over the way.

   Just looking upward toward the heavens.

  A view from the campground.
   Another Cades Cove Run.+ Deer on the way.

   It is getting darker now, late in the evening.  Still a good pic of a buck.
   A young buck who was not afraid of us.

      Isn't he beautiful?????????////

      Could not resist taking too many pics.

   This  is a sweet couple that we were with.  A Class mate of mine, Robert Earl Pennington and his beautiful wife Nan.  His sister Jan Hester, which we saw at the Shrimp place in Gattlingurg, told us they were here.  So, we got together for a few days 'til they had to leave

    Really enjoyed the little time we had together.

    Two young bucks.

   Lions and tigers and bears, OhMy.  Nope, just Bears, I love bears, but also, highly respect them enough to stay out of their way, especially with cubs and these had cubs.

      There are 2 momma's here and both had cubs, just could not tell who belonged to who, really didn't matter anyway.  Stayed for a while just enjoying them.

   As you can see, we stayed 'til almost dark watching those bears. 
     Getting a little dark for my camera, but look closely and you can see a wolf.

       Just one last picture before we go home.  How beautiful they are.