Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kennebunkport, Maine, A Beautiful Place to visit, but I prefer Alabama to live in..

This house is on a little pennisula sticking out in the Atlantic Ocean.  Could you ever guess who this house belongs to.

If you guessed the George Bush and Barbara's house, you are correct.  Yippee, you won.  This is their home at Kennebunkport, Maine.  Many, many dignitaries have stayed here in this house.

This is a better view of the house which proudly wears the United States Flag in the front lawn.  The back of the house faces the ocean.

This is proof that we were actually there; just had to get our pic in the foreground.

Just a different view of the house. But notice the little bitty people on this side of the house.  A clump of trees are between them and the house.  If you look closely you can see them.

Another house view.

This is the little people you saw in the previous shot.  It is George sitting in the wheelchair and the guards with him.  I could have gotten a better picture of him if I had been quick enough, but I wasn't.
Before we saw Pres. George come out the front door, we were standing talking to Peter about them when I looked up and saw Barbara coming out the side door with someone.  Peter says she comes out and walks through her flower garden to see what needs to be done to it.  By this time, guess you are wondering who Peter is.
Well, this is Peter.  He was out for his morning walk.  When he got near us, I walk to the road and say "Excuse me sir, Is this the Bush Home?"  He replys to me, "Has been for about 50 Years" ,with a heavy New England accent. " As a matter of fact I have been jogging with him and GW for about 50 years, but, have been reduced to walking now and George is in a wheelchair, and GW has been reduced to a bycycle."  He begins to tell us what throughly nice people they are and about having dinner with them occasionally.  He said he was over there a couple weeks ago and had not seen him, 41, for a while (he calls George senior 41 since he was the 41sts president) and that 41's health had decreased considerable since he had last seen him.  He has no use of his body from his waist down.  So sad......By the way Peter is a neighbor of the Bushes.
Peter told us that the house behind this pond is for sale.  The guy that owns lives there.  It is a dark brown house.
Please note the flags flying.  The US, the Maine flag and the POW/MIA flag.  True Americans living here.

I can't remember all that Peter told us about the house, but did describe it in pretty good detail.  He was such a nice man.

A better view of the house or at lease a portion of it.

Cannot leave my Democrat friends out so I took this picture in downtown Kennebunkport, MA
Kennebunkport Harbor

Just a pretty scene there.

So many huge beautiful homes here.

One of the churches in Kennebunkport.  Hope you have enjoyed these photos.  If you did, go to the top sideboard and become a joiner of the blog.  Trying to increase my membership.