Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Bird House, hand made.

I kinda had this birdhouse in my head before I made it.

The mommy bird is inside the house and the daddy bird is sitting on the porch patiently waiting on her.

There is another male and female bird in the tree to the right.

In this picture, you can see the mother bird inside sitting on her nest.

A side view of the house.

The back of the house, hanging from the chandalier. (Opps could not use spel lcheck)

Sorry about the glare on the picture.  I should have used the back light on the camera and did not.  Just another view of the house.  Sometimes junk looks nice when you put it together, with fabric scraps, cardboard and little of this and a little of that. Fun working with it.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Small fusible Arts Quilt class for Possumtown Quilters Guild, Columbus, Ms.

Class began some time ago and I forgot to take pics while everyone was there.  We sure had a fun time here.

I do love teaching and sharing these quilts.

Sandy and Mary Ann working intently on thier Art Work.  Both of these ladies have quilted for many years and are avid quilters.

This is Carla, also an avid quilter, but has never done an Art Quilt before.  She has really come out of the box, for example the red bridge, that will be beautiful Carla.

Tonya has not been quilting for very long and has almost covered all styles of quilting already.  I compare her to a sponge, soaking in all the knowledge she can about quilting and excels in all she attempts. This is her first Art Quilt and could hardly wait to get started on it.  Looking good Tonya.

Carla, that looks great and not even finished, can't wait until it is complete.

Diane is a new quilter but has already made a few quilts and they are beautiful as is this Art Quilt of hers.  She is coming out of the box also.  Look at her deer peeking from behind her tree.Tis will be an outstanding Art Quilt once it is complete.  So Pretty.

One of the sweetest people ever is Patti, PTQ's Vice President.  She joins in and helps with anything she is asked to do.  Has not been quilting long but already turning out some beautiful work.  This is her 2nd Art Quilt class with me

This is Sandi, also an avid quilter, enjoys coming out of the box, but it has to be her own way out of the box or she goes bananas, so very talented.  I cannot wait to see what she does with this Art Quilt, whatever it is, it will be good.

CC is a long time quilter, artist, art quilter and most anything else that is offered.  She did not get her quilt the way she wanted and already had it packed up when I got my camera out. Want to see it when finished CC.

This is Shirley.  This lady is talented in so many ways.  You can't tell much about her's, she has the patterns pinned to it so she would not lose it and will finish it at home.  You gotta bring this with you at the next meeting Sandy.

Close up of Diane' deer.

Shirley and Diane finding that perfect piece of fabric to add something to the quilt.
Ebba, that is so pretty.  A long time quilter does such a great job in  anything she does.  She even gets on to me if I don't do it right.  This is her 2nd Art Quilt.  Her first one was beautiful and this one might even be better that it.  I enjoyed teaching and sharing this class with these super ladies and what a fun time we had.  I hope I get  to show the finished products from this class as soon as possible.  When you girls finish them, please send me a pic so I can post it here.

Mary, doing an outstanding job on her art work.  She is also multi talented and brings a lot to the table.  That is going to be just beautiful Mary Ann. You have really come out of the box too and making it your very own.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Part one of the visit to NC and TN

Pat cooked shrimp and cheese grits for dinner the first night we were their, ummm it was yummy.  We ate on the deck and the scenery was so pretty.  Don't you agree?
I took this pic just because I thought all that green was  pretty.

A scene from Mt. Mitchell, the highest point in North Carolina and we were at the top.

And here we are at the top. 

These pics are of her flower garden.  All sorts of flowers.  I asked how they made all the flowers in full bloom just in time for our arrival.

She said we didn't, so I guess God did it.  The place was gorgeous.  Even had rose petals on our bed again.  WOW
A view from the deck after the clouds roll away.

These two sure were relaxing in their PJ.  The two trees in the background they call their palm trees.  Had them trimmed, now they do resemble palms a little bit.
They had lots of bird feeders around and dlots of birds.  These Gold Finches were so pretty.

Got a story about this blue bird.

Caught this shot of the mother and two males in this pic.

Told you there is a story about this blue bird. He is sitting here along with what we thought was his baby.  Pat had a bird feeder filled with meal worms which bluebirds like and this male bird fed this other bird these worms for days.  The other bird did look like he still had some downy feathers on him, so that led us to  believe it was indeed one of his babies, even it had no blue at all on him.  He was feeding and showing the baby where the feeder was located.  Working so hard, all day long, every day.

The baby is a little larger than the blue bird and we thought this a little strange.  Pat said she had heard that sometimes a different bird would piratize the nest and lay an egg of her own, and the adoptive parents would raise this baby and never know it wasn't their own; I called Pat after we got home and asked about them, she says the baby still has no blue and larger that the daddy, we did not tell the daddy that it was not his child.  Now, wasn't that a nice story?

This is another regular at their place.  He was below us licking his tounge out for us to pitch him food.  He was sooo cute.

I called it a he, actually he was a she and had 3 babies playing around with her.

Well, that is it for this trip.  Oh yes, we did get some quilting done.  Started my Civil War quilt and it has become a UFO (un finished object) for the time being.  Will be posting about a quilt class next.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another little sabatical to North Carolina and Pigeon Forge, Tn summer of 2013

This is what we see first thing in the morning on the deck at my Brother and Sister in law's house.

This is so beautiful up here!

They have had so much rain that all the creeks flowed so swiftly.

They took us to a waterfall not far from their house called Roaring Fork water fall.

The falls were so long, I could not get a pic of the whole thing, but; it sure was beautiful.

I did try to take a movie pic of it which is in the next pic, if it works. 

I can't get it to work, hope you can.

Now I am standing on the bank taking pictures and pay no attention to what is in the water until they holler at me.

The water is flowing so fast it was very hard for this snake to get out of the water.  After a lot of hard work, he finnaly made it up on this huge rock across from us, thank goodness.  I mean thank goodness it is across from us.

The water was so cold, it was all he could do to get up there.  Now he is sunning  himself and at last crawls of into the brush. So afraid of snakes

After leaving the falls, we went on down the road a piece and found a wonderful picnic table beside a stream to eat our picnic lunch we had brought with us.  (Actually Ingalls store had packed it for us)

You can see the fast flow of the water in this pic.

As you can see, Mandy sure enjoyed the trip.

My brother, Tyrone and his beautiful wife, Pat. Love these two.

Love these two also, my handsome husband an our boss, Mandy.

Mandy has on her "Roll Tide" harness.  Great day and great picnic place with great folks.