Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cabot's Trail, a beautiful place to be in the autumn, in technicolor.

Driving around Cabot's Trail is an all day trip, but is well worth it.  There are some of the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen, as you will hopefully enjoy in some of my photos. We were told, to save about 45 minutes driving time to go over and catch the English Town Ferry.  So

here we go, we are off to see the Ferry.
While sitting, waiting in line for the ferry.  We were on the road in front of this house,  Nice little place on the water,  a lady walks out of the house with a fat cat in her arms.  She walks over to the little open room on the side of the house and puts the cat in the room. Can you see the cat looking at the traffic as we go by. He has places to climb and play, I am thinking, now, this is a true "Cat House" .
"Whoa! Whoa! take it easy here Richard." says the back seat to the front seat.  I could sense the smell of fear as he drove us onto the  Ferry, although Richard smelled different, more like a little anger maybe.  We were all telling him how to drive by now.  He was not real appreciative of our helpfulness.  We thought we did it great, anyway we are on it.
This is our Sea Captain, and quite worthy of the name, we are hoping.  Well, we had a nice ride on the ferry without incidence.  Really Nice.  When we drove off the ferry, Richard refused to let us tell him how to do it.  Can you believe that?
Driving up Cabot's Trail, now we see a sign which reads "Trinkets Treasures and Quilts, locally made.  We just had to make that a potty stop, right?  We did and Pat and I found 3 quilts there and they were very pretty but also pricey for the easy pattern that they were made from.  There was no bathroom, so were eased on down the road.

This one had a price on it of $1500.00.

This sign tells us that we may have some steep grades ahead.  Every thing here is in kilometers and metres, therefore we have to remember our arithmetic teaching of long ago.  Figured out that one had a 10% grade.
There will be no caption for some of these pictures, but remember all are taken on the Cabot's Trail.  Some are very sweet candy for the eyes. and need no words to describe, just take in the beauty.  God has decorated Canada so pretty for our coming this year.  Makes you truly believe that God is here with us, showing us all of his glory. A camera just cannot do this justice.

Taken from above looking down.  That is water below, not the sky.

No words to describe this.....
We stopped at this place and got some delicious bakery items.  Soooo Goodooo " The Clucking Hen"
Lookee, Pat has either sprouted antlers or wings, cannot tell which one. This must have been a huge moose!  Did you know that moose are an aggressive animal?  Learned that in Alaska.

Some of these were taken riding down the road and sometimes makes them a little bit blurry.  But what color.

Note the houses in the distance on the pennisula.

It looks so different here.  One side will be beautiful and drive around the curve and the next view will be so different, but yet equally as beautiful.  There is a pennisula jutting out from each side of the bank, yet the water can still go through it.
The white trees, we are told, are white birch.  They make an awesome scene stuck in the colors here and there. So do the white rocks.  Pat wants some of these birch so badly.

The color is so brilliant that it looks like the far hill is on fire.  Wonder what it would look like if the sun was shining today.  Has been cloudy all day today.
A little fishing village alog the Cabot's Trail in Nova Scotia.

This is a Canadian Post Office.  Had never seen one so I took a picture.  Most all of them looked like this one.

What are your thoughts on this one.

As I said before, camera's cannot do this justice.

Should you decide to come to Nova Scotia, October would be the best time.

Note the different colors in these rocks, some have quartz in them.  There is also a place that we have not been to, that you can find amethist on the ocean bottom while the tide is out, and also other gemstones.  A worker at a visitor center told us about it. Sure would love to go there, but doubt that we have the time.

Me and my sweet husband playing on the rocks.

We have not seen a whale yet, so, it is OK, I will call this my rock whale.

The four of us standing on a grassy area on the rocks.  This is my sweet brother and sister in law Tyrone and Pat.  I have another sweet brother who did not come.  He is at home taking care of our home with his sweet wife.

A light house on the Trail.

The clouds even have a shade of purple.

Oh so beautiful.  Lobster pots on the left, for catching lobster.  The lobster season just open here yesterday, Monday Oct 14th.  We have eaten so much lobster.  I think Pat has eaten it every day.  All the seafood is fresh and caught daily and oh so good.

So much color in this pic even the ocean shows up green close in near the shore. and blue in the background.
Just as I love pictures of mailboxes, lighthouses, etc, I also love pictures of barns and churches.

Awesome picture, don't you agree?

WOW!  God spilled the paint bucket I am thinking.

If you ever get to come to Nova Scotia, you must take the Cabot's Trail loop.

Just can't say enough about the sites we have seen.

I wonder how deep this water is.  It is really cold.

One of the most beautiful places ever.

A church in Cape Breton

Church in Cape Breton

One of the most beautiful pictures I have every made!
I would vote for either one of these pictures.  Pop and I were just out riding around and saw this.  It was so pretty and colorful.  We will be leaving this area tomorrow.  Will be posting more as time permits.