Sunday, February 26, 2012

May I introduce our family, our pride and joy, of course.

Our grandson Alex Taylor, the Musician. He is in college at  Alabama and currently looking for scholarships to get his Graduate degree, yep, he is that good!

This is the boss of the family, Mandy.  She is so smart, loves to travel and is a tattle tail.  She is a mixed breed, part Min Pin, poodle, and Bengi dog.  Looks more like a Min Pin that the others, we love her just the same.
Someone trying to get in the picture!
The monkey in the family.............
Our beautiful grand daughters, Amber Jackson and Laura Ashley Mayers.
Amber is a marketing Financial Anyalist  for Home Depots main office in Atlanta, Ga.  Laura is currently in school at Aveda Institute in B'ham, to be a hair and makeup designer,
My handsome husband Richard.
Our handsome son Eddy and his lovely wife Melinda.

Our lovely daughter Lanita and her handsome husband Mac.
Our grandson Aaron Taylor in college at Alabama. We think he may be our little politician since a very young age.
One of our grandsons Ric Mayers, our budding entrepreneur.

 This is our Grandson Ric Mayers with presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, discussing policies. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Please leave a comment..........

 I noticed that I had a few visitors on my blog but they did not leave a comment or have anything to say about anything.  Please, I welcome your comments, please join and become a member follow my blog.  MORE TO COME......................

Relay for Life Quilts I have made and donated.

 "Hunting for the Cure"  2012 Relay for Life quilt
 The first quilt I made and donated to the Relay for Life, 2010.
Relay for Life quilt for 2011 raffled off at the Celebration of life.  Made this one myself.  Called "Day and Night, We Continue to Fight"

Quilting for others

These are a few quilts I quilted for Terry Turnage.  She makes beautiful quilts.  She is a quilting sister in our Possum Town Quilters Guild in Columbus, Ms. A very talented lady.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Well this is the competed project "Lanita Slaying Her Dragon, Cancer"   My hope is that it gets accepted into the Challenge and hung in the show.  If you get a close up view, you can see the dimensional effect I attempted in this quit. 02/16/2012.    This wall hanging quilt was made to honor our daughter, Lanita, who has been battling a Glioblastoma, the most deadly kind of brain cancer, for 2 years.  It depicts her bravery, strength, courage and her faith in God during the taming and slaying of her Dragon, Cancer.  And as always, her Guardian Angel watching and caring for her in her most trying times.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Art quilt pictures # 8

I have now started doing some embellishments.  Am still unsure about this necklace I have put on her.  It seems too large.  What do you think?

A few Sarowski Crystals scattered on the dress

Flowers put on the bushes to the left.

White roses to the bush on the right.

Notice the bird nesting in the window sill.

The Angel watching over her as she slays her dragon cancer.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Art quilt pics #7

I have decided, since this is a wall hanging, it should have mitered borders, which will make it look like a picture frame.  My first border I selected is black.  It will draw your eyes directly to the quilt center, just my opinion.  The second border is one of the challenge fabrics and is used in the quilt also.  I fussy cut this border and made sure the border was facing the same way around the quilt.  The third border was selected to give the quilt an elegant look.

One corner of the mitered border.  The way I do mitered borders is to sew the border strips together and then cut and sew corners together.

Below is a picture of the borders being quilted.  I started on the top border only, then the left side of the border, the body of the quilt, then the right border.  I did it in this order as I  completed the quilting, except for a portion which I will quilt by hand.

Above:  The Temple is almost complete, added the flying birds and the bird in a nest in the window just for amusement.  I will quilt the temple in a small stipple to make it appear as stone.
Am working on Lita and her dragon, Cancer, trying to make it a little dimensional , like the dragon's head is not attached in order to bring it forward and in front of her and his foreleg is also unattached.  This is not easy, but is how I want it so, I am attempting it.

It is coming together.  Have not figured it out yet, but I want a couple of bushes to come out of the picture and flow out over the two inner borders.  This is one that must be planned and done at the same time, so; from here I have a lot of loose ends to bring together.  Also would like to put an angel guarding over her because a real angel of the Lord has watched over her from the time she was diagnosed.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

10 Minute Block Video

This is a video of a 10 minute block in the making.  It is a fun, easy, and fast way to make a quilt.  The video was filmed by Terry Turnage, Columbus, Ms, while I was doing a demo for the "Possum Town Quilters Guild" at one of our regular meetings at the art center in Columbus, Ms.  The PTQ is a group of the finest girls in the south, of which I am a member.  Another group of the finest girls in the south is the "Wanna Bee Quilters Group, Vernon, Al., of which I am also a member.  Both group of girls have big hearts and a love for quilting.  I love them all.
I would like to invite everyone to come and join us in our journey of quilting, learning, teaching, and giving.  Oh yes, both groups have charities for which there is an ongoing need, to commit, give, and teaching others to do the same.
If you should have a question about either group, Possums or Bees, make your comments here and I will try to get back to you ASAP.  We are carrying on the tradition of quilting with a little modern twist.

Art Quiilt pic #6

This pic shows an additional pattern so I could over lay the design and even use it to do with the raw edge where needed.

Art Quilt pic #5

Still bringing forward by adding the background forest trees.  I will build the temple and the trees simultaneously and overlapping when needed.   I use all techniques, fusing, raw edge, needle turn, machine applique.  Of course I do not demand perfection for myself or others.

Art Quilt pic #4

This is where I begin to build the temple because it is next in the background coming forward.  You may use Steam a Seam or wonder under to hold things in place.  You can do needle turn applique or do your stitching on your sewing machine(raw edge) then carefully trim up close to your stitching with your scissors to remove excess fabric..

Art Quilt Pic #3

Example of the drawing, foundation laying over the drawing and the layering of the 1st fabric which in this case is the sky.

Art Quilt Pic #1

This is the picture I selected because it has meaning to me.  It portrays a lady who has tamed or slain her dragon.  Our daughter is in the process of slaying her dragon, cancer, and has a daily struggle to keep her dragon tamed.  You may use a picture or let it come directly from your imagination, it does not have to have a meaning.
Just remember, this is only my way, not claimed to be the right way.

Making an Art Quilt

It started out that I wanted to do some art quilting.  Since I had painted for a few years, I thought I might be half way there.  NOT.  Totally different in some ways; however the concept is the same.  You just need to get your prospective right and it is like painting with fabric, almost.  Anyway, I found a picture that I wanted to portray, of course it was very small, had to enlarge it to the size of the quilt I wanted to make.  Found a piece of paper of the size I needed, which was about 38 X 30, and drew the picture to about the size of the paper.  I do not draw well, I paint, but was able to sketch in what I wanted it to look like.  Then I again drew around the lightly penciled lines with a black felt tip pen, in order to see the drawing through the foundation fabric on which I will sew my picture. Do not draw on your white foundation fabric.  Just be assured you can see the paper drawing through your white fabric.  All of the white fabric will be covered when you have it completed.
Thus far, I have used the following:
Large paper
Erasable pencil
Black felt tip pen
White foundation fabric

Art Quilt pic #2

          Start with the furthest objects away from you, in this case, the sky will be in the background.