Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Lancaster, PA, Amish country, and buggy ride.

A small quilt museum in The Old Country Store in Intercourse, PA

Sampler quilt

Blocks quilt

Bargello design

Lone Star

The quilting is so pretty.

Quilting is awesome on the quilt

Crazy Quilt

My spouse and I had gone in this restaurant to get a bite to eat and he says to me "Tanna, turn and look behind you".

I turned and look out the window and a couple of the  Amish buggys were going down the street

It seemed so strange to see these on the road just like automobiles.

Lots of them were driven by women.

We got to town just in time for the Tail Gate Festival

There was live entertainment everywhere.

Tyrone and Pat were shopping so, Pop and I decided go on a Buggy Tour.


So off we go.  Now we are the ones in the buggy going down the street with all the automobiles.

As we rode down the road a old woman was  out cleaning some hay from the side of the street which washed out of her barn yard.  She waved at us as we rode by.
This farm is owned by one Amish family.  Note there are no electrical poles and lines going to the house.  The farm looks so clean and fresh, even the roads and streets are clean.

On our tour, we saw the guy cutting down the corn stalks with this huge plow pulled by 5 or 6 horses.

It looked like 6 but could have been only 5, not sure.

This farmer sure did look young to me.

I must not forget the covered bridge we went through.  So pretty,
This young lady  was on the side of the road with this rolling cabinet selling her mothers wares.

Here comes the little one to help his sister.

They had homemade ShooFly pie, Whoopee pies, cookies, fresh bread.
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I am thing these are morgan horses which are stronger and can pull these wagons loaded with hay.  The horses are eating the hay off the wagon if front of them.

Another beautiful farm.

So well kept.

Girl watering the horses.

Young lady on Bicycle.

These people are shopping in the store.

This was our buggy tour driver and told us so much about the people and customs. This was a very good place to visit and learn more about some good people who are trying to live close to God as they believe.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Visit to Monticello, house of Thomas Jefferson and Ash Lawn, the Highlands, home of James Monroe.

"Monticello", home of the great Thomas Jefferson.

 The house had a huge basement where food, alcohol, etc. were stored.  Dumb waiters were used to lift things up into the house.
Foundation of a slave house where a slave was later buried. This was a row of slave houses with a huge garden  in the backgroud on the next level.  Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence which states that all men are created equally; however, he owned over 600 slaves and only freed 2, which were believed to be his children by Sally Hemsley, a slave there on his plantation.  Strange.....

He was intrigued by clocks and time.  He had this clock installed on the outside of his house.  It was for the slaves to be able to tell the time of day.  Please note it only has one hand and it is the hour hand. He thought it unimportant for the slaves to know the minutes, so he only had the one hand on it.  This clock continues on into the house but inside, it has all the hands.

All of us including Thomas Jefferson.
Wiping the rain off his nose.
He can't seem to take his eyes off Pat.

On to the home of James Monroe.  A friend of Jefferson.  When he visited Jefferson's home, he liked it so well, he asked Jefferson if he would design his home also.
It was not a very big home, in fact it was quite small.  Not what you would image a President living in.  This is the front of the home.
This was the back of the home.  Only the white portion was the home of Monroe.  It was said that when he wanted to enlarge, he would just have one of the outside building pushed up against the house and nail it to the main house.  The yellow portion of the house was added on by the person who bought the place much later and we were not allowed in it.