Sunday, February 26, 2012

May I introduce our family, our pride and joy, of course.

Our grandson Alex Taylor, the Musician. He is in college at  Alabama and currently looking for scholarships to get his Graduate degree, yep, he is that good!

This is the boss of the family, Mandy.  She is so smart, loves to travel and is a tattle tail.  She is a mixed breed, part Min Pin, poodle, and Bengi dog.  Looks more like a Min Pin that the others, we love her just the same.
Someone trying to get in the picture!
The monkey in the family.............
Our beautiful grand daughters, Amber Jackson and Laura Ashley Mayers.
Amber is a marketing Financial Anyalist  for Home Depots main office in Atlanta, Ga.  Laura is currently in school at Aveda Institute in B'ham, to be a hair and makeup designer,
My handsome husband Richard.
Our handsome son Eddy and his lovely wife Melinda.

Our lovely daughter Lanita and her handsome husband Mac.
Our grandson Aaron Taylor in college at Alabama. We think he may be our little politician since a very young age.
One of our grandsons Ric Mayers, our budding entrepreneur.

 This is our Grandson Ric Mayers with presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, discussing policies.