Sunday, February 5, 2012

Making an Art Quilt

It started out that I wanted to do some art quilting.  Since I had painted for a few years, I thought I might be half way there.  NOT.  Totally different in some ways; however the concept is the same.  You just need to get your prospective right and it is like painting with fabric, almost.  Anyway, I found a picture that I wanted to portray, of course it was very small, had to enlarge it to the size of the quilt I wanted to make.  Found a piece of paper of the size I needed, which was about 38 X 30, and drew the picture to about the size of the paper.  I do not draw well, I paint, but was able to sketch in what I wanted it to look like.  Then I again drew around the lightly penciled lines with a black felt tip pen, in order to see the drawing through the foundation fabric on which I will sew my picture. Do not draw on your white foundation fabric.  Just be assured you can see the paper drawing through your white fabric.  All of the white fabric will be covered when you have it completed.
Thus far, I have used the following:
Large paper
Erasable pencil
Black felt tip pen
White foundation fabric