Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"What Ever Tickles Your Fancy" quilt challenge.

Some of our PTQ Guild are participating in the Smokey Mountain Quilt Show during March, 2012.  These ones are pictured here, left to right, Julia, Watana, Judy, and Brenda.  All of our quilts are so very different.  The theme this year is "What ever Tickles your Fancy"
Of c0urse this is my challenge quilt.  I have already told you about mine "Lita Fighting her Dragon Cancer"  So, I will go right into telling you about the others.
Judy's quilt "I Love Quilting and Christmas" just glows with Christmas colors and the Poinsetia's in the center draws your eyes immediately to them.  It is gorgeous.  She is also a newly elected President of the MQA. Congratulations Judy!
You can tell by her quilt that, this quilter loves fall, thus the name of her quilt," I love Fall." This is Brenda, one of our most prolific, and best quilters.  She has won best challenge block in our guild quite a lot and excels in everything she does. Look at her border,, isn't it beautiful?  Totally awesome.
Julia with her challenge quilt.  At this point, it is incomplete but WOW !, when she does get it finished, just beautiful.  When it is finished, she will call it "Libby Likes". Julia also has a quilt which won AQS competition and is currently traveling in their show.  Congratulations Julia!