Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Art quilt pics #7

I have decided, since this is a wall hanging, it should have mitered borders, which will make it look like a picture frame.  My first border I selected is black.  It will draw your eyes directly to the quilt center, just my opinion.  The second border is one of the challenge fabrics and is used in the quilt also.  I fussy cut this border and made sure the border was facing the same way around the quilt.  The third border was selected to give the quilt an elegant look.

One corner of the mitered border.  The way I do mitered borders is to sew the border strips together and then cut and sew corners together.

Below is a picture of the borders being quilted.  I started on the top border only, then the left side of the border, the body of the quilt, then the right border.  I did it in this order as I  completed the quilting, except for a portion which I will quilt by hand.

Above:  The Temple is almost complete, added the flying birds and the bird in a nest in the window just for amusement.  I will quilt the temple in a small stipple to make it appear as stone.
Am working on Lita and her dragon, Cancer, trying to make it a little dimensional , like the dragon's head is not attached in order to bring it forward and in front of her and his foreleg is also unattached.  This is not easy, but is how I want it so, I am attempting it.

It is coming together.  Have not figured it out yet, but I want a couple of bushes to come out of the picture and flow out over the two inner borders.  This is one that must be planned and done at the same time, so; from here I have a lot of loose ends to bring together.  Also would like to put an angel guarding over her because a real angel of the Lord has watched over her from the time she was diagnosed.