Monday, June 27, 2016

The "Yes you can do this" Art quilt class at the MQA June gathering

When asked about teaching a class at the Mississippi Quilt Association, of course I accepted, always love to share anything about quilting, hoping it will encourage the younger ones to carry on the tradition.  The above is the Art Quilt I decided to teach.

There were either 8 or 9 in my class, which is a good number to work with.  This is a few of them.
Different view
Jackie with her quilt.  Each one was to individualize it to their own taste.  All of these ladies did sooo well in making it their own,   All are so beautiful!
Shirley with her quilt, so beautiful.  See how different, her's is becoming her own.  Her colors are becoming her.  It will look totally different when she starts her shading, which puts some life in it.  Can't wait to get a picture of the finished product.
This is Charlotte.  When she first started, I could see some doubt in her face.  As she began to work on it, she came right out of the box and I began to see her confidence in herself coming out.  She also did some shading on hers and will complete it when she gets home.  Sure do want a picture of it.

Meet Linda with her beginnings.  When I got this fabric together for the canvas, I wondered who would select this piece.  I thought it would make a great canvas for the artwork.  Well Linda ended up with it.  I love the way she is making the darks and lights work for her.  I must have a finished product picture Linda.
Close up of Linda's
This is another Linda who thought at one time she selected the wrong canvas, however; just look at what she has done with this and has not started the shading yet, to bring life to it.  Bless her heart, she is on the Board of Directors of the MQA and had to miss some of the class for a meeting, but just look what she did accomplish and this will be beautiful when finished.  Gotta' have a finished of it.
This is Liz, who is an artist herself.  Being her own self, she has her water turned a different direction and it looks great. Too beautiful Liz,  just send me a pic when you finish.  Liz was going through some emotional things in her life, please put her in your prayers.
Meet Trudy who was also a little apprehensive about starting and then after putting her first couple of pieces on, she just really made it her own and it turned out just beautiful.
This is the missing student and quilt I did not have on my camera.  Thank you Belva for sending it to me.  All these ladies did soooooo good on their art work.