Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Birthday party for my Sweet Aunt who is 96 years young.

 Richard, my brother Sonny, Virginia and myself went to Birmingham this past Sunday to celebrate the birthday of a most precious lady, the only aunt I have left, Deatrice Boyd.  She turns 96 this week and still just as gracious as ever.

 Her children, Delores, Carol and Mike really did her up right for her special day.  Just look who came to help her celebrate, Elvis himself and I must say, he was in good form that day.
 We used to go to Guntersville park and camp with them occasionally.  She and I had our favorite fishing hole and that is where we would head as soon as we got there.  This little lady could catch fish when no one else could.  Of course I would catch a few too because she would tell me, Watana, put your cork over here.  It was the spot where she was catching them.  She is such a caring, sharing person, she even shared her fishing hole with me so I could catch a few.

 No matter how small the fish were, she would always clean, skin, and debone all these fish, and these are bream fish, which are small already.  Then this little lady would cook those fish and they were always the best tasting you would ever eat.  No restaurant could hold a candle to her cooking.  WOW, so good and not only fish either.
 Turn your sound all the open to hear Elvis singing to her.

 This pic shows Elvis giving her a gold and diamond bracelet.  OH WOW!  She has always been such a beautiful lady and passed these genes right on down to her children.

A picture of me and my Aunt D T.  That is what we called her all of our lives.  Guess we could not say Deatrice.  The quilt behind her is the one I gave her for her birthday.  She was so pleased with it, she cried and made me cry too. 
I love my Aunt Dee Tee.