Friday, December 26, 2014

"Out to see the Manatees"

The Morrows, Pat , Donnie and Mandy's Sissy Abby spent Thanksgiving here in Cross City with us for a few days.

One of the bitds along the Beautiful Suwannee River.

Our Little Mandy.  It was a little chilly so I loaned her my ear muffs.

I think she enjoyed wearing them.

Donnie and Pat all bundled up.  This was early it
 the morning, It did warm up later.

They all wanted to site see and left me at the helm, what were they thinking?

Not sure if Pat was singing or not, but Donnie and Abby seemed to be liking it.

Mandy and her blankie.

The girls taking care of business.

These two are sisters and are spoiled rotten.

Pat sitting in the Hilton Jr.

Pop, myself and our baby Mandy.

I love the way this pic turned out.

Notice how smooth the water is and the reflection is so beautiful.  Loving that Suwannee River.

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2 of my favorite girls...........

We launched the boat, went across the river into Fanning Springs and found these Manatees.  They are such gentle loving creatures.  I was at the back of the boat and this one came up to me.  I did not have any food to give it, sure wish I had some lettuce with me.

This is a great pic of the Manatee.  Although they live in the water, they are mamals and breath air.  This one has a couple of scars on his back. likely caused by boat motors cutting them.  As soon as we saw them we cut our motor.

As you can see, this one has come up for air.

Abby had fun on her ride, her mommy Pat is keeping her blankie on her.

There was a baby with this family but I could not get a picture of it for some reason. 

The water is so clear because we are in the Springs water.  It is also warm water, which is why the Manatees are here.  They cannot survive in cold water.

When the water starts getting cold, the Manatees begin to come into the Springs for the warmth of the water which never gets below a certain temp.

Another one up for air.