Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another little sabatical to North Carolina and Pigeon Forge, Tn summer of 2013

This is what we see first thing in the morning on the deck at my Brother and Sister in law's house.

This is so beautiful up here!

They have had so much rain that all the creeks flowed so swiftly.

They took us to a waterfall not far from their house called Roaring Fork water fall.

The falls were so long, I could not get a pic of the whole thing, but; it sure was beautiful.

I did try to take a movie pic of it which is in the next pic, if it works. 

I can't get it to work, hope you can.

Now I am standing on the bank taking pictures and pay no attention to what is in the water until they holler at me.

The water is flowing so fast it was very hard for this snake to get out of the water.  After a lot of hard work, he finnaly made it up on this huge rock across from us, thank goodness.  I mean thank goodness it is across from us.

The water was so cold, it was all he could do to get up there.  Now he is sunning  himself and at last crawls of into the brush. So afraid of snakes

After leaving the falls, we went on down the road a piece and found a wonderful picnic table beside a stream to eat our picnic lunch we had brought with us.  (Actually Ingalls store had packed it for us)

You can see the fast flow of the water in this pic.

As you can see, Mandy sure enjoyed the trip.

My brother, Tyrone and his beautiful wife, Pat. Love these two.

Love these two also, my handsome husband an our boss, Mandy.

Mandy has on her "Roll Tide" harness.  Great day and great picnic place with great folks.