Saturday, August 3, 2013

Part one of the visit to NC and TN

Pat cooked shrimp and cheese grits for dinner the first night we were their, ummm it was yummy.  We ate on the deck and the scenery was so pretty.  Don't you agree?
I took this pic just because I thought all that green was  pretty.

A scene from Mt. Mitchell, the highest point in North Carolina and we were at the top.

And here we are at the top. 

These pics are of her flower garden.  All sorts of flowers.  I asked how they made all the flowers in full bloom just in time for our arrival.

She said we didn't, so I guess God did it.  The place was gorgeous.  Even had rose petals on our bed again.  WOW
A view from the deck after the clouds roll away.

These two sure were relaxing in their PJ.  The two trees in the background they call their palm trees.  Had them trimmed, now they do resemble palms a little bit.
They had lots of bird feeders around and dlots of birds.  These Gold Finches were so pretty.

Got a story about this blue bird.

Caught this shot of the mother and two males in this pic.

Told you there is a story about this blue bird. He is sitting here along with what we thought was his baby.  Pat had a bird feeder filled with meal worms which bluebirds like and this male bird fed this other bird these worms for days.  The other bird did look like he still had some downy feathers on him, so that led us to  believe it was indeed one of his babies, even it had no blue at all on him.  He was feeding and showing the baby where the feeder was located.  Working so hard, all day long, every day.

The baby is a little larger than the blue bird and we thought this a little strange.  Pat said she had heard that sometimes a different bird would piratize the nest and lay an egg of her own, and the adoptive parents would raise this baby and never know it wasn't their own; I called Pat after we got home and asked about them, she says the baby still has no blue and larger that the daddy, we did not tell the daddy that it was not his child.  Now, wasn't that a nice story?

This is another regular at their place.  He was below us licking his tounge out for us to pitch him food.  He was sooo cute.

I called it a he, actually he was a she and had 3 babies playing around with her.

Well, that is it for this trip.  Oh yes, we did get some quilting done.  Started my Civil War quilt and it has become a UFO (un finished object) for the time being.  Will be posting about a quilt class next.