Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This is an Art Quilt I made to honor our daughter Lanita who fought brain cancer (Glioblastoma) for just over 3 years after being diagnosed and told she had 8 months.  The picture depicts her strength and determination to live.  The dragon, the cancer that she had to fight and tame.  The chapel, her church where she went to worship and find solace.  The doves flying above represents the peace she found at her church.  The flowers, she always had a love for flowers.  Look closely and you will see her guardian angel in the air hovering above her right shoulder, left to you, the same angel who looked over her and helped her through this whole ordeal.  She collected Angels and had them all over her house.  She loved her God and also most everyone she met, never met a stranger.  I love her and miss her so very much.

This picture was made of her about a year ago
 and through it all she never asked why me Lord. She was such a precious person and hard worker.  Owned and managed five convienient stores.  She and husband, who was a wonderful care giver, had three children, one daughter married and lives Atlanta, Ga. One son who is CEO of an Oil Company and one daughter who is a Hair Designer and Makeup Artist and will be getting married May 18th of this year and is so effected because her mom will not be there for her wedding.   I have waited a while to put this on my blog, however most of my friends and family are already aware of all this.  I wish you and your family well and hope you will go to the top of the page and join my blog.