Saturday, April 13, 2013

Al Fiber Arts and quilt show

The Alabama Fiber Arts and Quilt Festival was held during March this year in Montgomery, Al.  I entered a couple of my quilts this year and won an "Honorable Mention" on one of them.

Governor Bentley's wife, First Lady Diane Bentley was there and presented me the certificate.  I was sooo honored to meet her.  Love this sweet lady.

This is the quilt for which I won the ribbon.  Did you know that Lady Diane is an avid quilter?  Her goal is to get a quilt to all the foster children within the State of Alabama for them to have something to call their own.  She has asked the Quilt Guilds in Alabama to help her accomplish this goal.  Our Wanna' Bee Quilt Group in Vernon  is more than happy to help her .
Also sent this Elvis Wall Hanging to be in the show.  It is called "Swing Down Sweet Chariot"

The show was in the Old Alabama Town.  It is a park where old, old buildings have been brought in and restored to original.  It is a town in itself, grocery store, school, church, and everything else.  i am pretending to play the piano here in the church.

People are in period dress.  This is a weaver and tells you all about how it use to be and how they would spin the yarn and then weave the cloth.  Very knowledgeable.  The entire town was very interesting.  We were killing time before the Reception for the winners in the show.

Our sovereign State Capitol building and my husband climbing the steps in the front of it.

We looked around inside and found these pictures of Alabama Fallen Heroes. So sad to see this.
This entire huge room was filled with things like these quilts.  There were blocks added to these quilts making them larger with each block added.  They are to honor Organ Donors and even the Recipients of the Organs.  The family makes a block in honor, or the recipient, or family of the recipient of that person makes a block and adds to the quilt, and there were many of these quilts.

Some of these quilts were huge.

These are only some of the quilts hanging.
Are you an Organ Donor?  I am.

Who knows?  Maybe someone will make a quilt block for me and add it to one of these wonderful quilts.

These are pansies outside the capitol building.

Just one of the many paintings on the walls.
Our beautiful capitol!