Sunday, June 17, 2012

Our little Hide-Away-Cabin in Florida

Our Little Hideaway Cabin
Cross City, Florida  Our home away from homeLocated on highway 27, 19,and 98.  A very small laid back town, 15 to 20 minutes from Horseshoe Beach.
Preparing to leave.

We fixed this lot to accomodate our RV, then eventually we bought an 8X12 Storage building.
The small storage building became smaller and even smaller when I decided to put a sewing machine in it to do my quilt designs, etc.  His side of it began to shrink even more so.......
We bought another one, 12X32 storage shed.  It was totally unfinished inside and looked kinda like a barn.  He moved me out of the little shed.  We finished the inside of this shed, insulated all over and paneling all inside.  It really begin to look good.  We did a little at a time because, hey, we are retired and can do that, yeaa.
We went ahead and put down linoleum, bought a little electric heater with logs in it made by the Amish. on the left with the TV sitting on it.  We did not want to put a lot of money in this cabin.  So we set out going to auctions, etc to get the things we needed.    Note my quilting corner.

Of course we needed something to sit on.  Went to a furniture store (new and used) to look for a sofa.  Found a new Laura Ashley sofa and wanted it but did not to pay that much.  We told the salesman we wanted to look at the used sofas.  Found a Laura Ashley sofa just like the new one and it also looked new but much less expensive.  Bought it and this is it.  The little rocking chair in the center of the floor is one I got at an auction down here for $35.00  El cheapo

The Air Conditioner was given to us by my brother and sister-in-law, works great!

The fridge we bought 2nd hand, works good and has ice maker.

This commode was given to us by the neighbors, Ron and Penny across the street.  They had just replaced it with a new handicapped one.

Shower curtain was also given to us by my sister-in-law Pat.
The water heater did not come cheap.  My DH built the shelves and small hanging rod in the bathroom.

We were shopping for supplies at Lowes in Gainesville.  My brother and sister-in-law Pat were with us.  She found this $2,000.00 double vanity, corian top for$200.00 and change.  The top was cracked but I knew Pop could fix it.

This is the kitchen section.  Pop built the cabinets, bought the stove at an auction, friends, Pat and Donnie bought the garbage can and a Hair dryer for the bathroom while they were visiting with us.  Some more neighbors Jane and Richard gave us the double kitchen sinks here.  Other friends down here gave Pop another double kitchen sink to put in his outside kitchen when he fixes it.

Our microwave (going out of business sale) and toaster oven (second hand store) the rolling cabinet from Wal-mart.

There is room for the table and chairs inside, but we always move it outside when we come down.  It gives us more open space inside.  We eat outside when it is not too hot,

Pop added this big porch at a later time, with the help of my brother.  This is his favorite place.  His sits and reads relaxes and meditates here.  Normally we have a gentle breeze because the gulf is only about 20 minutes away.

Another view of our porch.  We sat out here last week until almost 12 O'clock playing dominoes with Jane and her Richard. (Neighbors)  Such a relaxing place.

Another view of the porch.

The short tree on the left is our Myers Lemon tree.  Has a few lemons on it this year.

 Our picnic area in the front yard.

 We were here in May and found an Oak Snake half way on this tree and his head and half of his body on the ground,  Pop got it with the hoe and would not kill it saying it was not venomous.  I have not been close to this tree since.  I am so horrified of them.

 Another view of the yard and cabin, located along the Nature Coastal Line area of Florida