Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Springhouse Quilters, Trenton, Fl. My visit with them.

This pic was taken at a Quilt Guild meeting at Trenton, Fl.  I am thinking the name of this group is the "Springhouse Quilters".  My next door neighbor,  Penny, asked me if I would like to go with her to one of her quilt guild meetings.  Of course I said YES, I would love to go.  On the way over there the next day, Penny happened to think of the fact that it was Tea Party day and that we were all supposed to wear hats and bring a dainty little Tea Cup to drink our tea from.  These ladies did not forget.  Don't they look pretty in their hats and I also saw them drinking tea from their dainty little tea cups. I though this to be quite unique and nice.  Of course there were quite a ffew like Penny and myself who forgot.  Enjoyed this meeting very much.

This was a project some had worked on for themselves.  A pincushion/ trash bag for themselves.

This is "Show and Tell"  This lady made this for an alzheimers patient.

This is one of Penny's good friends, not sure, but think her name is Pat.

Sorry, this one got in sideways and at this point, donot know how to rotate it.

This is a version of the 1600 quilt.  Was really pretty.  Forgot her name, but she lives in Cross City where we have our little cabin.

Another one she made is the French Rose quilt.

And another she made is the Fan quilt.

Another one is her Rail Fence.

Red Dog quilt.  I sat beside this lady on your left and really liked her.

Yep, you are right, forgot her name too.  I am horrible at names.

This lady loves horses and has made several quilts with horses on them.

Her Trip around the world

 This one is still unfinished but was my favorite one of all.  It was beautiful.  I want to do this one.

Wonky Stars

I must say that I enjoyed these ladies immensley.  And hope to visit again sometime soon.