Monday, September 9, 2013

Ms. University for Women, Life Enrichment Program. Teaching a quilt class for them.

This is my friend Ebba K.  She has been with me through teaching this quilting class through every class.  She is an avid quilter and loves sharing this art as much as I do.  Don't Know what I would have done without her.  She is the greatest.

I was asked about teaching this class for the "W" and was a little hesitant about it at first, and now, I would not trade it for the world.  You meet some of the nicest people doing a quilting class.  These ladies were so eager and wanting to learn and I felt the same way about sharing the things I have learned about quilting.

They started with scraps and fabric and will soon have a lovely quilt.

This is Janie, so intent on her work of art.  She is challenged with a minor physical problem, but do you think that slowed Janie down?  No, she has determination and wanted to learning quilting.

This is Gwen S.  So eager, I had to hold her down.  She likely was among the first to complete hers.  This class has only been going on for 4 weeks and only 1 hour per day, one day per week.

Yvonne B. working on a Christmas quilt and doing such a great job.  She pays close attention and absorbs all she can. If there was one thing to say about Yvonne, it would be the fear of making a mistake but has come a long way on that.  I think we all have that fear of trying for the first time and messing up.  I tell you this, if you quilt, you WILL mess up once in a while, even the Pros mess up.  She has let go of a lot of that and is doing a fantastic job.

Hazel L is from Al. (Roll Tide Roll)  I was delighted to find 2 of the girls was from my own Alabama.  Hazel's quilt is going to be so very pretty.  Seems like some of these girls might have done a little quilting before and wanted to learn to quilt on the machine.  Not real sure.  She was doig a really good job. 

This is Darlene.  She was unable to be at the first meeting but did make the second.  Told her what to do to catch up with us via e-mail.  She came in and Alakazam, she was right up with us.  She might not have quilted before, but she sure did know how to handle that sewing machine.   Doing her quilt in pale blue and yellow, gonna' be so pretty.  She will miss this next meeting, my last one, but I hope she will e-mail me a pic of her quilt.

Hilda A. is working intently on her quilt.  She had hers completed last week.  It is absolutely beautiful.  She used Christmas fabrics on hers too.  I don't think this was her first trip around the block.  I am not sure I taught her anything she did not already know, but; I sure did enjoy having her in my class.

Hannah sewing with a smile.  She always had a smile on her face for everyone.  She has never quilted before and wants to desperately and Ebba and I will share with her any knowledge we can.  Ebba has been so much help with Hannah.  She is the baby of the group and a joy to be around.

Another Alabama girl. This is Reba C.  She is doing such a great job on her quilt.  She has also excelled in her quilting.  She had sandwiched and was pinning it last week, so I am thinking she has been quilting on it this week. 
Great picture Ebba!
Wow Hilda, it's beautiful

Reba pinning hers getting ready to quilt it.  Notice the way she layed out her blocks in a different pattern, clever.  Frances is helping her.
Unsure what Gwen is doing, thinking she is packing to leave.
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Yvonne is preparing to start her quilting. Yea!!!! It will be so pretty.
So pretty!

OH NO, what have I done?
All finished..Beautiful!

Last but not least is Frances G. Great girl and loves quilting. Sometimes she might have a little problem like sewing a little twist in her binding, but she knows how to fix that now.
Hannah and Janie looking at a couple of my Art Quilts.
Reba and Yvonne in deep discussion.
Frances is beginning to machine quilt on hers,  Wow, look at those colors.
Hilda is talking to Gwen about the batting maybe, I think.
Great smile Ebba.
Not sure what Reba is up to.
I showed them how to make the 3 Dudes block and Janie is checking hers out.

And now it is back to work.