Friday, September 13, 2013

LEP classes for the "W" They actually got a quilt made. WOW!

almost has her Christmas quilt completed.  It is a gift for someone, all she likes now is a little more quilting and the binding and label.

Look how beautiful, she has done a wonderful job. This is her very first quilt.  Give her some comments.

WOW! Look at this one.  Reba really came out of the box and did her own thing on this beautifuf quilt.

Reba did her quilting in her own way.  She decided to quilt hers in this way and it is just beautiful and this was her first one.

Gwen brought her babies to class today.  They were remarkable well behaved children.  She and some of the kids at her church made them for a project.  They were so very cute.

She also finished her quilt, binding and all it.  Her corners were nice and crisp and her quilt is so beautiful, isn't it?  Comments please.

Hazel with her very first machine quilted quilt.  What a great job she did.

She nicely quilted it as I told her to, which was a harder way.  She sewed all the way around each block and I think we had 100 blocks in each quilt Hazel.

Darlene had miss a couple of classes, but failed to hold this lady back.  She has her quilt sandwiched and ready to quilt.  So very pretty.

Look at Darlene's outer border.  I found it quiet unusual.  It was a bordered fabric matching her fabric, however she found a clever way to cut and piece it to get this unusal border.
Wow Hilda, it's beautiful
Frances selected this beautiful fabric to make her quilt. Great choice Frances.

Take a look at her quilting.  She did such a good job for her first time at machine quilting.  She also does hand quilting.  Beautiful!!!!

Last but also the youngest is our own Hannah Son.  This was her very first and she did an outstanding job.  What a difference a few scraps can make in one's life

Look what an awesome job she is doing in her quilting.  This one will go far in quilting if she continues, and I hope she does.

I was demoing a new block for them to learn and used Yvonne for my sewer with the rest of us looking on.

O K this is the group and everyone has made their very own quilt.  We also had fun while we worked.

More pics of the group.

What a group of happy ladies.   Wanna' know why they are so happy?  They all have just made a quilt, all by themselves.  I am soooo proud of them  I could just about cry.

What a colorful picture with all these quilts. I see Hilda in this pic with her quilt and don't know why I did not get an individual pic of her and her quilt.  I must have posted it another post before this one, shall look and see.  I am thinking she was the first to complete hers.
Just had to get one more shot of them and their quilts.  Just beautiful ladies, you should be proud of yourselves.