Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This is the ladies in my Small Fusible Art Quilts Class at Jackson, Ms. sponsored by the Mississippi Quilt Assciation.

The first two quilts were made by Patti Moore and Ebba Kellum in a previous class I taught, the other is one I made for an example.

These precious ladies were sooooo anxious to get started.

This is such a fun and easy class.  Here, we are beginning to start our work of art.

This is a picture of our very own President of MQA,  Ms. Jean T.  It was a privilege and an honor to have her in my class.  Such a nice lady, and so talented. 

This is Martha, our fashion expert, loved her hat. Martha cut one of her flowers backward and then, being the artist she is, decided to use it anyway and it looked beautiful.

This is Carol. The further she worked the more individualistic she became.  I had told them to use their own ideas.

This lady is Isabel. Very involved in her work and the harder she worked, the more beautiful it became.

This is Stephanie. She and Diane below, seem to have a lot of funny stuff going on, along with fussing with each other all the time.  If I didn't know better, I would have thought them to be sisters.

This is Diane.  Friend of Stephanie.  Even with all the fun they were having, both their quilters turned out beautiful

This lady is Barbara.  She had brought a Civil War Quilt with her to class, that she had made.  It was gorgeous, and so was her Art Quilt.
Jean is placing patterns on her background comparing which looks best and where.

Barbara is almost complete with hers.

Martha doing some fusing.

Stephanie placing flowers, etc on her background.

WOW, Isabel is almost finished.

Look how beautiful and different Jean's turned out.  Great job Presz!

This one is the one while she was pressing, the center of one of the little flowers slipped and it became a cone flower.  Great job Diane.

Just look at you Stephanie, and you thought you could not do it.  You did and it is gorgeous.

Barbara, it turned out beautiful.  would love to have a picture of it after you do the shading with the pens.

Just look at that, it is lovely and you stepped right out of the box and put some of your own ideas into it.  Love it!

What can I say it is perfect Carol.  It looks so good. Now select a border to emphasize any color you want to bring out in your quilt.

Oh Isabel, that border just really brings out everything.  You should be truly proud and happy about this one.

Carol looking at design and placement on a students quilt.
Show and Tell Time. I could not have been prouder than if you were my own girls.  They all look sooooo beautiful!!                 I enjoyed teaching this class to all of you so very much.  Thank you to all of you for having me.                  Sending my love to you!