Monday, October 8, 2012

Short visit to Pigeon Forge, TN and Birthday celebration

Downtown Gattlinburg!

One of the many fall decors in Gattlingurg.

Horse riding a man, a first for me.

See the bear up in the woods?

Two bears along side of the road on Roaring Fork Nature trail.

I love bears, but also respect them.

 Saw 3 today and this was the smaller.  Probably born in the springtime.

Bear descending down a tree to feed on the acorns.

They are feeding, fattening up for the winter months ahead

Two of the sweetest people I know.  Have known the guy since he was born, on a stormy night.  He is my baby brother and the beautiful lady beside him is his wife Pat,  Best friends and kinfolk, does not get any better than that.  They met us in Pigeon Forge to celebrate my birthday and their anniversary. You see they were married on my birthday Oct. 6th!

We met at "Chops" in the Tangers Outlets. Great place to eat.

They told them it was my birthday, so I get the cake from Chops.

Waitress brings it out with a lite candle.  I blow it out and then look what happens...........

I look up and 4 spoons are digging in my cake.  What can I say, they outnumbered me.  I had to share.

Up, up and away in Pigeon Forge.

All these pics were taken from inside the car and raining also. Some of them were not good pics.

My dear husband had these beautiful flowers delivered to me on my birthday.  He did good.  So beautiful.