Sunday, October 21, 2012

MQA Fall Gathering for Quilters 2012

This is a few of the Possum Town quilters who attended the  Mississippi Quilters Associational Fall Gathering in Cleveland, Ms, in the heart of the Mississippi delta this weekend.  And of course the first thing we do when we find the place is go to this little place called Craves to eat.  WOW, their cupcakes are awesome.  Seated at the table left to right clockwise is Sue, Watana (me), Patti, Ebba, Linda, Brenda, JoAnne and Judy.  The only one that is not in the pic is Terry, she had not yet arrived.

This is the Cotton Row quilters of Cleveland, Ms., who were our host for the weekend.

 This is Brenda playing hard to get and Linda looking wondering what in the world is going on here.

On of our entertainers for the night.  He is a Blues singer and a very good one too.  Look what he is playing, a guitar made from a cigar box; he made it himself.

Here come "The Boomers"

One of the Boomers giving Ebba a hug.  She looks pretty comfortable here doesn't she?
Brenda was a very popular lady that night.  Another Boomer singing to her. WOW Brenda, share a little with us, please.

Sue smiling really big, thinking, I'm next, I'm next. There is another Brenda in the right background waiting too.
Ebba looking happy.

Judy cringing thinking he is right behind me.

And what does he do but head right back to Brenda.  Wow Brenda, what do you have the rest of us don't have.

Brenda and Judy sure are wearing big smiles.  He is heading for the Brenda in the background.  Look out BRENDA!
Too late, she has done been took. Looking pretty happy about it though.  Judy saying come back here.  Brenda still smiling happily.

A guy from the audience the girl sang to.
They got this one from the audience too.

This group was really great, singing songs from the 50's and 60's and keeping you laughing too.

Linda getting her share of it.  She now wears a big smile.

Judy giving him oned last hug goodbye.  They were heading for Nashville to play at the old Grand Ole Opry, Ryman Auditorum.
An art quilt artist was there to show us some of her art quilts

A Ricky Tims "Convergence quilt"   I must finish mine.

Linda, Ebba, Watana (me), Terry and Patti standing in the back. At the motel having breakfast.

Trouble, here we come.

Beautiful applique

More art quilts

Judy, our MQA President

more show and tell.....

Tthis quilt was made by Terry, a talented lady in our guild.  Terry at the mic, Judy behind her , me and Brenda holding the quilt.  The quilt is truly beautiful!  Oh, forgot to mention that I quilted it for her.

Me and my show and tell "Happy Fall Ya'll" quiltl  This is the quilt I started in NC at the class my sister in law, Pat, and I took in Septt

Another show and tell