Sunday, August 12, 2012

Marilyn Dohenny Art Quilts

Marilyn Dohenny quilts.  This lady is soooo talented.


 I attended a 2 day class in Starkville, Ms. with quilt artist Marilyn Dohenny. Enjoyed every minute of it and wanted to share a few of the pics of her work.  I do have a work in progress using this technique; but, will be a while before it is finished.  Possibly will post a few pics of ts as I make it, so stay tuned...................

It is a fast pace class and not a boring moment.

 Taken at her 2 day class.  Wish it would have lasted all week.

Another little critter she made.

You can tell that this quilt is laying in the floor by seeing the feet.  These quilts were simply breath taking.  Did not realize my own foot was in the picture.

Note the ladybug on the leaf. 

This is the Starkville, Ms. class I attended.  A great group of ladies.  Marilyn Dohenny is in the front row in the center and I am on the back row in the center.  We look like we have on ponchos but it is the strada we made.

Yea!!! I made this one!  it turned out to be a sparrow to go in my garden.  He is so beautiful. This class taught me so much.

This pic shows how Marilyn Dohenny's class shows you how to arrange and re-arrange all the different ways you may sew your art together.

This one looks like the tail of a turkey.