Friday, August 24, 2012


I LOVE THIS QUILT. Colors, Pattern and everything about it.
 My phone rang one day, I answer, voice says, this is -----------, in France.  My reply was "WHAT?"  I knew no one in France.  She says," I understand you do quilting and I would like to get you to quilt a quilt for me".  Again, my reply was "WHAT?"  I then began to realize that it was a legit call.
 Long story short, she is an American living in France and it was to be a wedding gift for her son and needed it completed in a short turnaround time.  She brought it over and I fell in love with this quilt top as soon as I saw it.  It is such a soothing quilt.  It seems to breathe of comfort, love, warmth, and serenity.
 Also like the name she selected for this quilt.......          "Love Covers a Multitude of Seams" 
 I was also privileged to carry it to our Show and Tell at our Possum Quilters Guild meeting.  Everyone liked it.