Monday, September 24, 2012

Our little Sabatical.

 We left home for a few days and came to my brother Tyrone and Pat's in Burnsville, NC  Took these pic's this morning 9/24/12 from the front deck.  This happens most every morning.

 You wake up and you are above the clouds, so thick it looks like you could walk across them.

This morning when the sun began to rise it looked kinda like fire on the clouds, this pic doesn't do it justice.

 Looks a little like heaven being above the clouds. 

 Her new waterfall in her flower garden.  Just beautiful!

 So Beautiful!  Pat and I will also be doing some quilting this week.  We have a class tomorrow.  YEEAAA!
Another awesome morning.  This was everyday we were there.  Believe or not, there is a town below those clouds somewhere.

These are a few of their turkey friends that grace the garden and yards everyday.

One of the deer friends joined in the turkey fun.

They eat some of her flowers in her garden, but they do not care, just love to see them making themselves at home.  The deer love to eat the Hosta's,  I love to see them too. Especially the fawns.

Early one morning, as you can see, they do not fear us or her 4 yorkies running around.  Everyone is so familiar with each other on this mountain.

This also happens everyday some times, they just make a bed and stay for a while, other times, just passing through.

These pictures are taken in the front side yard.  Occasionally she will shoo the turkeys away, but not very often.  Had a bear coming around a few days back.  His pic is on my FB page, if you would like to see him.

Gobble, Gobble!!!!!